A Star Hotel Near Paragon in Bangkok – Pleasure to Stay

Booking a hotel in Bangkok close to shopping centres is of great advantage. The shopping paradise with many malls around is the Sukhumvit area. If you book a hotel near Paragon, you can enjoy your stay there with almost every facility within short distances which you can cover even by foot. However, proximity to the shopping convenience is only one of the many factors any hotel guest will consider. It is an important one, but along with that the hotel has to have many favourable points for guests to keep coming back.

hotel near paragon

Choice of Rooms on Offer

A hotel with a star rating would like to attract guests from different strata of society. There will be business people who would look at everything from the functional perspective and would want services delivered promptly since they are always short of time to rush for their next meeting. There would also be the guests on vacation that might be at the other end of the spectrum. They would be on a leisure trip to Bangkok to unwind and relax. For them room service has to be perfect as they would prefer to spend more time at the spa or the swimming pool. If not swimming, they might be on the poolside lounge reading a novel. There may be other similar categories as well. The hotel near Paragon has to necessarily cater to all of them and more. So the hotels classify the rooms as Deluxe, Executive and so on and at the top end, there will be the suites for the guests to choose from.

Facilities to Please All Customers

The hospitality sector in Bangkok has always been a highly competitive business. With such a huge volume of travellers landing in the city each day, every hotel management tries to woo them, offering better facilities. These include comfortable rooms with nice provisions and a clean and healthy environment.

When it comes to the food being served in the restaurants in the hotel, again, diversity is very important. Guests’ tastes differ. Depending on from where the guests have arrived, the choice of cuisine will also vary. Some of the westerners might wish to try the authentic Thai delicacies, while some conservative travellers could avoid any experimentation and stick to what they are familiar with. The timings of the restaurants also matter since some guests might be game for a late-night  coffee or a bite and would want at least one restaurant open until late at night if not all 24 hours.

Business Meetings and Banquet Arrangements

The hotel near Paragon should have the facilities to host business meetings for their hotel guests or for corporate organisations in Bangkok. The banquets should reflect the style and décor to suit the needs of the business people and professionals who attend the functions. The menu for the food to be served, whether lunch or dinner, should also be well thought out and offered to the customers. The politeness of the staff will be another factor taken note of by the guests all the time.

Paragon, one of the largest shopping malls in this part of the world is of course the attraction many guests would be lured by.