Physical Changes with Age: The Main Causes of Hair Loss

Shedding of hair is natural during the cycle of its growth. However, for people, the hair regrowth does not occur, which results in thinning hair and gradually lead to baldness. If you live in Australia, you might notice all those hair loss products Sydney hair and beauty stores offer today that promise hair growth on bald spots. Those Sydney hair loss products might seem hard to trust in considering their offered timeframe for instant hair growth. But hair loss is a very wide-spread issue today among aging folks that they get driven to buy hair loss products in Sydney stores just to remedy it. This article tackles the issue of hair loss and the known causes:

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Hair loss as a symptom

This physical changes happening to your hair follicles also can be a premature indication of some disease, and therefore it is crucial to discover the root of the disease so treatment can be done. Although there are varied reasons for hair loss, yet the proper hair loss treatment can sometimes provide a solution and help you regain your original hair growth and health. If the problem does not get cured by hair loss products in Sydney stores, natural remedies or by necessary measures, it is advisable to contact a dermatologist to help retain your hair growth.

The causes of hair loss:

  • Observing an unhealthy lifestyle and having poor nutrition

Aside from having an ill effect on your bodily functions, vitamin deficiency can cause major damage to your hair. This damage may also lead to hair loss. Aside from taking hair loss products Sydney stores sell, you can counter the ill effects of malnutrition to your hair by trying to eat sufficient amounts of healthy food and attaining a healthy balanced diet. Also, drink more water and include dairy products to your regular, everyday consumption and diet.

  • Getting a bad case of dry and itchy scalp flaking or dandruff

It is hard to get rid of hair loss when you are prone to itchy and flaky scalp. Having dandruff can irritate your scalp and make you always want to scratch it, which will assist in the removal of more hair. Also, dandruff that comes from clogged pores from hair product chemicals and pollution may lead to hair damage. This is why you need to thoroughly clean your scalp.

  • Hair loss can also be caused by excess exposure to the direct heat of the sun, pollution, and other intrusive elements. Make sure to always wear a hat or use an umbrella outdoors.
  • Beauty is important, but it is also skin-deep. The excessive use of tools for hair styling can actually lead to a beauty disaster which is hair loss. Always use hair dryers, curling irons, and other tools for hair styling sparingly.
  • Stress

If we are stressed above our tolerance level, it might result in hair loss. This is due to the fact that the hair’s regeneration is paused under such conditions and it may take as long as one year for the hair follicles to resume producing hair.

  • Hormonal problems

The over activeness or under activeness of your thyroid gland can result in hair loss. Hair loss happens when the levels of androgens and estrogens are not properly balanced. Some hair loss products Sydney stores sell can counter this.

  • Medication and other prescription drugs
  • Fungal infection of the scalp