Combat Pollen Allergies This Spring the Natural Way

Have you ever wondered why some allergies are triggered by changes in the weather? That is because some allergies are caused by pollens that are carried in the air during warmer months. If you were unscathed during this year’s flu outbreak, you might want to spare yourself from pollen allergies when you visit Brisbane. Talking to a trusted Brisbane city doctor may help you combat pollen allergies once the season changes.
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What are pollen allergies and how are they acquired?
Since spring is a season for rebirth, flowers begin to bloom and trees will begin to bud. These plants and flowers produce small amounts of pollen that are spread in the air either by birds or bees or by the blowing wind. That is why allergic rhinitis and asthma are often common during springtime. If you have a history of allergic rhinitis or asthma, talking to a Brisbane city doctor may help you manage your condition and boost your immune system.
Before visiting the nearest medical centre Brisbane city has to offer, you may want to try out these natural ways you can combat pollen allergies come springtime.
  • Drink Hot Water with Lemon or Herbal Tea. Since lemons are loaded with vitamin C and immune boosting antioxidants, they are excellent allergy fighters. Their alkaline content gives better balance to your body as well as boost your immune function. Some herbal teas, on the other hand, have anti-inflammatory properties and work as antihistamines. They dampen your body’s response to allergens and provide relief. Talking to a trusted doctor Brisbane city offers may educate you more on other herbal remedies to combat pollen allergies.
  • Nasal Irrigation. This is not a pretty sight but it clears out your nasal passages even without the need for medication. You can also spritz a saline rinse to your nose daily as a way to wash away pollens that may cause allergies. This is not a replacement for medication but it would somehow reduce your need for drugs. If you really need to take medication on days when the allergy feels worse, visit the nearest Brisbane city doctor for the recommended dose.
  • Butterbur. According to David Rakel, MD, founder and director of the University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine Program, this herb has a proven track record in fighting pollen allergies. Some studies also believe that butterbur possesses anti-inflammatory properties and has the same effect as the common antihistamine without the sedative side effects.
  • Change Clothes When You Come Home. Other than closing your windows and avoid spending time outdoors during windy days, you also need to change your clothes the minute you come home. It would be best if you take a shower right away to prevent spreading pollens to your loved ones. Frequent hand washing will also help.
The above are just a few tips on how you can combat pollen allergies on springtime. Before trying out any of these natural remedies, visit any trusted allergy doctors city wide to determine the type of allergy you may have.