A lot of travelers believe that to really experience a new place, you need to travel off the beaten path. You can assign the majority of your budget on first class accommodations, but in reality you are better off going for cheap yet clean and comfortable lodgings, and with the extra money visit more places and enjoy more adventures! So check out the four affordable hotels below, from the super-efficient Phoenix Hotel to the Nasa Vegas 3 star Hotel Bangkok!

The Phoenix Hotel

A great three-star hotel must have the following amenities: internet access, breakfast buffet, optional credit card payments, daily room cleaning, laundry and ironing service, and a staff that understands English. The last is pretty important especially if you only know very basic Thai, and luckily in The Phoenix Hotel, you’ll get all these services and more.

Aside from room service and free parking, The Phoenix offers free shuttle bus transportation to two places: the airport and the ARL train station. Ask for a room with a balcony for a beautiful view of Bangkok, plus the lovely artwork over your bed will help you get sweet dreams after a long day of exploring the city.

Best Western Klassique Sukhumvit

Three-star hotels shouldn’t scare anyone off. Not only will they suit just about any budget, but their management is still primed to cater to all your needs. The Best Western is more than enough proof that you don’t need to empty your wallet for comfortable accommodations in an exotic place like Bangkok. They offer meeting rooms and a business center, not to mention a lobby with a modernist theme that is very welcoming to people traveling for either business or pleasure.

The Best Western also offers free Wi-Fi access and self-serve laundry service. Their rooms are large, tasteful, and quiet, making it easy to spend a few hours relaxing inside especially during the hot midday hours.

Nasa Vegas Hotel

The Nasa Vegas 3 star Hotel Bangkok has a fancy building exterior that looks more than third star, but it only means you get top-class lodgings at very affordable prices! Travelers’ reviews claim that going for a superior room is worth it, so if you like, request for an upgrade to get the ultimate treat!

The hotel also offers three business rooms equipped with high tech appliances. If you prefer to forgo business during your stay, then check out their fitness room or play squash and snooker! And if all you want is to explore as many places as you can, Nasa Vegas is only a short distance from both the Bangkok Sky Train and the metro rapid transit (MRT) station.

Airy Resort

If you’re a bit leery of Bangkok’s air pollution, the aptly named Air Resort with its striking purple theme will help put your fears to rest by being a non-smoking hotel, plus individualized air conditioning services in each room.

Their accommodations are comfortable with a homey atmosphere, and those on the upper floors offer great city scenery. Don’t skip their delicious complimentary breakfast as well as their special dry cleaning services!

Whether you choose the luxurious Nasa Vegas 3 Star Hotel Bangkok or the simple yet charming Airy Resort, any one of these hotels will guarantee you a comfortable and inexpensive trip to Thailand’s capital city!

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Booking a hotel in Bangkok close to shopping centres is of great advantage. The shopping paradise with many malls around is the Sukhumvit area. If you book a hotel near Paragon, you can enjoy your stay there with almost every facility within short distances which you can cover even by foot. However, proximity to the shopping convenience is only one of the many factors any hotel guest will consider. It is an important one, but along with that the hotel has to have many favourable points for guests to keep coming back.

hotel near paragon

Choice of Rooms on Offer

A hotel with a star rating would like to attract guests from different strata of society. There will be business people who would look at everything from the functional perspective and would want services delivered promptly since they are always short of time to rush for their next meeting. There would also be the guests on vacation that might be at the other end of the spectrum. They would be on a leisure trip to Bangkok to unwind and relax. For them room service has to be perfect as they would prefer to spend more time at the spa or the swimming pool. If not swimming, they might be on the poolside lounge reading a novel. There may be other similar categories as well. The hotel near Paragon has to necessarily cater to all of them and more. So the hotels classify the rooms as Deluxe, Executive and so on and at the top end, there will be the suites for the guests to choose from.

Facilities to Please All Customers

The hospitality sector in Bangkok has always been a highly competitive business. With such a huge volume of travellers landing in the city each day, every hotel management tries to woo them, offering better facilities. These include comfortable rooms with nice provisions and a clean and healthy environment.

When it comes to the food being served in the restaurants in the hotel, again, diversity is very important. Guests’ tastes differ. Depending on from where the guests have arrived, the choice of cuisine will also vary. Some of the westerners might wish to try the authentic Thai delicacies, while some conservative travellers could avoid any experimentation and stick to what they are familiar with. The timings of the restaurants also matter since some guests might be game for a late-night  coffee or a bite and would want at least one restaurant open until late at night if not all 24 hours.

Business Meetings and Banquet Arrangements

The hotel near Paragon should have the facilities to host business meetings for their hotel guests or for corporate organisations in Bangkok. The banquets should reflect the style and décor to suit the needs of the business people and professionals who attend the functions. The menu for the food to be served, whether lunch or dinner, should also be well thought out and offered to the customers. The politeness of the staff will be another factor taken note of by the guests all the time.

Paragon, one of the largest shopping malls in this part of the world is of course the attraction many guests would be lured by.

If you are looking for a place that offers everything you could want in a holiday destination, Sunshine Coast is Australians top choice. You can select from various Sunshine Coast holiday houses that fit your design and budget for you to have the very best Sunshine Coast experience. If it’s your first time to visit the Sunshine Coast, you can choose from a vast variety of activities that you can try with your friends or with your family.

sunshine coast holiday houses

Nevertheless, if you long to enjoy the appeal of the coastline and admire the convergence of sunlight, sea, and skies, staying in Sunshine Coast could be a smart idea. Having your very own vacation house in Sunshine Coast offers a fantastic advantage. Not only will you have a place where you can rest and loosen up, you can also transform part of your home into a rental residential or commercial property. Transforming a portion of your home into one of Sunshine Coast apartments is a fantastic means to generate income while enjoying the conveniences of your personal holiday residence.

You need to remember though that maintaining your beach house is a top concern so you need to keep rust far from your household items. Below are means on how you could protect your home against the natural elements, especially if you live near the waterfront.

Preserve Your Decks

Most Sunshine Coast holiday houses have roof decks so visitors could take pleasure in a three hundred sixty degree view. Maintaining your exterior deck will certainly boost its lifespan. You need to ensure that your deck is mopped, scrubbed and resealed routinely for it to reclaim its all-natural look, particularly if your deck is made of timber. Making use of high-performance wood decking oil is an excellent way to safeguard your wood decks from fractures and peels. Prior to strolling up on your decks, you can tell your family and guests to remove sand from their feet to keep your decks from being worn out.

Keep Salt and Sand Away

Sunshine Coast holiday houses are normally situated near the ocean. Although it provides an excellent advantage when you want your rental home to be at par with other hotels in Sunshine Coast, you also have to remember that salt can enter through your windows and doors, causing rust to certainly eat your floorings, furniture, paint, steel, and your home interior. Maintaining your windows and doors shut will keep salt away. On the other hand, the sand in Sunshine Coast could be very fine and are difficult to remove when they enter your carpets. Either you completely remove your carpets and go for vinyl or you offer clean areas outside where you and your guests could wash your feet before entering your vacation home.

The Advantage of Having an Outdoor Shed

If you have a shed, you could convert it into a practical storage area where you could store your beach gear, surf boards, beach playthings, wetsuits or boardshorts. You can have a tap installed so you and your guests could conveniently wash beach things without needing to bring them inside the home. This way you can keep the sand far from your living areas and help protect your household items.

The above are just a couple of ways you could keep rust away and maintain your holiday home in Sunshine Coast. You can also take a look at other Sunshine Beach accommodation packages so you can offer an affordable bargain for your rental apartments. You can also visit http://www.accomcaloundra.com.au/ for more details.