In the middle of the rebirth of the after decaying railway town of Alicedale is a distinctive discretion knowledge, Bushman Sands. We invite you to join this old relationship to see Alicedale altered into a successful exemplary case of sustainable tourism progress unlike some other in South Africa.

Located in the Bushman s Stream Canyon in the Western Cape, Alicedale is 50 kilometers from Grahamstown and 100 kilometers from Dock Elizabeth. Surrounded by area bushveld, the town displays an abundant multi-cultural history, from old Bushman paintings to the Victorian Karoo taste of a century ago, when it absolutely was developed as a major railway junction.

The city steamed along as a crucial link in the railway until steam teaches were sidelined in the 1980s. By 1996 the management of its rail operates have been utilized in neighboring Port Elizabeth and the junction slid in to ruin. Since then the town has been essentially dormant with rising unemployment.

At the beginning of 2003 a shared effort involving the Mantis Party, owners of Shamwari, and the Western Cape government was recognized to redevelop the town. Mantis Class Co-chairman Adrian Gardiner started the perspective to see the town restore their vibrancy. In quite a similar way that Shamwari was transformed from barren farmland into among the world s top conservation locations, this effort seeks to become the type of change for a formerly disadvantaged community and the turnaround of a rural town.

At the heart of the change of Alicedale is Bushman Sands, the newest tourism product in the Mantis Party s portfolio. Named following the historic Bushman’s Lake, Bushman Sands has presented the impetus for new investment and the sustainability for constant growth and development of the town.…

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